ICEA 2011 DEMİRCİ - DEÜ Kafkasya & Orta Asya Arkeoloji Araştırmaları Merkezi

ICEA 2011, Third International Congress of Eurasian Archaeology, Ethno Cultural History of the Turkic Speaking People of Eurasia.



“ICEA 2011 Demirci Respect for Labour” plaquet has been given to Dr. Gleb Kubarev who is the one of the most important scientist of the “The Works of the Turkic Archaeology of Eurasia”. Gleb’s plaquet has been taken by Dr. Sergey Skobelev on be half of him. Mr. İhsan Temel, the Mayor of the Demirci Municipality, also gave Dr. Gleb Kubarev a Yağcı Bedir (Yaghdjy Bedir) rug. Demirci Municipality and Dokuz Eylul University heartly thank to Dr. Gleb Kubarev and all members of the ICEA 2011 Demirci for their valuable contributions to the "Works of the Turkic Archaeology of Eurasia".


G. Kubarev

S. Güneri

S. Klyaştornıy

V. Kubarev

Yu. Hudyakov


Aşirov, A.

The Kipchaks in the History of Ferghana

Baseri, A.

The Ancient Tribes in the Central Asia and Iranian Plateau

Gabelia, A., Bjaniya, D., Sakaniya, S.


Keyyum, A.

The Archaeology in Turpan and Turpan Academica

Nurcanov, A.

The Ancient city of Mirki, Spiritual Centre of Western Turkic Kaganate

Pronin, A.

Nomadic Style in Sabre Mountains of Tibet and Southern Siberia in the Late Middle Ages

Şukan, A. and Saktaganova, Z.

About the Golden Man Found at the Taldy-2 (Central Kazakhstan) Excavations Carried out in 2010

Djopua, A.

Ottoman Coins Preserved at the Abkhazian Museums (English abstract)

Yesbergenova, B.

Some Remarks on the Philosophy of the Nomadic Turks Base upon Rock Art Material

Obrusanszky, B.

Tongwan City, the Capital of Southern Huns

Babayar, G. and Kubatin, A.

The Dual Reign in the Şaş Oassis in the Early Medieval: Tegin Dynasty (605-750 AD) and Tudun Dynasty (640-750 AD) (According to Numismatic Material)

Babayar, G. and Kubatin, A.

From the Yabgu to Khaganat : the Establishing of the Westwern Kokturk Khaganat According to Numismatic Materials

Aytekin, C.

Culture Symbols which Come into ‘Existence’ in Painting

Maksudova, D.

Mapping Pastures in Taşkent Oasis (Western Tien-Shan Mountains)

Besolova, E.

Ritualistic Life of the Northern Caucasian People as a Representant of the Turkic-Iranian Cultural Area (English abstract)

Beşer, E. And Demirci Ş. and Akyol A. and Kadıoğlu Y.

Glass Technology of 13th Century AD, Seljuk Period in Anatolia

Sarıtaş, E.

Researches on the Tomb of Ashina Zhong

Smagulov, E.

Sauran - the City of Guz Merchants

Halili,F. and Jabiyev, G.

Medieval Agsu Town

Maksudov, F.

Perceptin of landscape by Ancient Nomads and Sedantaries: Settlment patterns İn the Ferghana Valley from Bronze Age to Early Medieval Period

Kubarev, G.

Research of the Ancient Turkic Funeral-Memorial Complex Char-Yamaatyn-Gol in Mongolian Altai

Öztürk, G.

Ular tör Petroglyphs


Tabgachs and Kokturks According to Orkhun Inscriptions

Khudyakov, Yu. and Belinskaya, K.

Investigations of the Stone Statues of the Ancient Turks in the Central Asia

Cumaniyazova, F.

During the Pre-Islamic Period, the Turks in Tokharistan in the Light of the Archeological and Writing Sources (English abstract)

Gusaç, İ.

Archaeological Study of the Turkish Fortress Azaq

Tokkaziyeva, J.

Import Findings at the Hunnic Kurgans

Eleuov, M.

Mediaeval Caravansarais Situated on the Silk Road in Kazakhstan (English abstract)

İbrahimzade, K. and Gaciyev M.

Kirklar as a Sacred Place

Mamuladze, Ş., and Kakhidze, E.

Archaeological Evidence from the Fort of Gonio in Ottoman Period

Şarov, O.

Cult Complex "Тaraktaş" in Crimea Mountains

Rahimov, N.

The Turks of Kurama and Mogoltau: the Basic Stages of Ethnic History (On Archaeological Materials)

Bilyayeva, S.

The Turks in Ethno-cultural Environment of the South-East Europe in 11th 14th cent.: Some Aspects of the Archaeological Studies

Güneri, S.

Early History of the Turkic People in Altai Region According to Archaeological and Writting Sources

Skobelev, S.

Stone Town of Kyrgyz, Dated to 17th Century

Omorov, T.

Ethnic Сommunities in Bukhara's Kingdom

Bjaniya, V. and Djopua, A.

Cultural Contacts between Abkhazia and Turkey on Materials from Excavations in the City of Sukhum

Yançun, W.

The Comparison of Ornament Art of Animal Patterns Between Asian-European Grassland and Xinjiang

Jang, Y.

Yanghai Cemeteries in Shanshan, Xinjiang

Maimati, Z.

The Study of Prehistoric Wooden Ware and its Workmanship of Turpan

Xiao, L. and Na Ren Gao Wa

Explore the Meaning of Nomadic Civilization of the Eurasian Steppe of the Bronze Age - Early Iron Age through the Excavation of Shengjindian Cemetery, Turpan, Xinjiang

Yusupcan, Y.

Hunnic and the Turkic Art According to Chinese Archeology (Russian abstract)

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